Color Healing

This morning, I performed a ritual for Color Healing. I chose to use the color Yellow as I am continuing to do some work with my Solar Plexus, but you can use any color you want depending on what you are trying to accomplish. Some colors have meanings and symbolism already attached to them. For example, the color yellow represents the Solar Plexus Chakra and is good for boosting self-confidence, helping to strengthen the nerves, mental clarity, cheering up depressed people, aiding in healing of scarred tissue, and speeding up digestion. However, you can set the intention for the color to mean or symbolize anything you want. I think it is more important that you choose a color that means something to you and go from there because when the color is important to you, your intention will actually be stronger.

My simple supplies: Clear glass jar, Yellow construction paper, and tape. Now I just need my filtered water!

The ritual I performed this morning included taking a clear glass jar and filling it to the top with filtered water. It is important to use filtered or purified water that isn’t bogged down with chemicals, as this water will be ingested and used as a tool for healing your body and energy. Once your jar is filled, cover the outside with yellow paper. You can use yellow tissue paper or construction paper. I’m sure some folks would say that there is a right way to do this, but I am a firm believer in using what you have on-hand because your intention is powerful. Once you have wrapped your jar with your colored paper, tape it on so that it stays in place and then set your jar out into the sunshine for several hours. By doing this, you are harnessing the power of the Sun and infusing your water with the color yellow. Plus, the Sun will infuse the water with Light, adding an extra layer to your healing.

My jar, filled with filtered water and covered with yellow construction paper, ready to go outside in the Sun.

Once I placed my jar outside in the Sun, I set my intentions. My intentions included continued healing of my Solar Plexus, having my water be infused by nutrients and healing energy from the Sun, asking the Sun and Water to fully nourish and hydrate my body and cells, and for the Water to wash away toxins and anything that I no longer needed to carry around with me. Your intentions can be whatever you want them to be and some may be complex, some may be simpler. Once I said my intentions over my jar, I blessed it. My blessing was simple. I expressed gratitude to the Sun and to the Water for the nourishment, hydration, and energy that I would be receiving. I blessed the color Yellow for the healing that it would provide to me once infused into my water.

After a few hours, I poured my Color-infused water into my glass and began drinking it. I refilled my jar and set it outside again so that I have more for tomorrow. A suggestion is to perform this ritual and drink the water for a minimum of 3 days. If your jar is large enough, you can do the ritual on the first day and then put your water into the refrigerator and use it over the next 3 days. Of course, you can certainly do longer than that, but I think so many of us are so busy and this could become “one more thing” that we feel like we have to do, which defeats the purpose of the healing, so I like to keep it simple by choosing a shorter period of time. I store my infused water in the jar until I am ready to drink it and then when I pour it into my glass for drinking, I think about my intentions and blessing and this reinforces them.

After infusion, I am ready to put my jar into the refrigerator for drinking over the next few days!

I’m almost through my first day of 3 with this batch of color-infused water. I can’t wait to see what benefits I get from this round. At the very least, I will be well-hydrated and have set super strong intentions for Solar Plexus health and well-being!

Have you ever tried Color Healing or Color-infused Water? If so, how did it go? What did you notice?