Dream a Little Dream

I’m taking a course right now where one of my assignments is to keep a Dream journal for a week and then write about it. I’m on Morning 3. So far, I have had two dreams that I remembered enough to have something to write about. Night one and three, I know I dreamed, but I remember nothing! Night two was the most productive when it came to dreaming and remembering. For most, this may be fairly common but I am a vivid dreamer, always have been, so to be having a dream “dry spell” is a little unnerving. I suppose the lack of remembrance of my dreams says as much about what is happening in my mind as having every little detail does, right? But, what is it?

The first dream from Night 2 was all about my daughter and being over-scheduled for social engagements with her friends. In the dream, we were in a large room with floor to ceiling shelves filled with books and a loft area with stairs that seemed to go nowhere. My daughter’s friend and her mother showed up to pick her up but I was trying to track down my daughter in this vast space and find out why the friend was there already. I was moving around in this room with the feeling that I was unable to get anywhere. I kept saying, “This isn’t right. She shouldn’t be here yet. It’s only Friday and she’s not supposed to be here until tomorrow. Why is she here? The plans are for tomorrow.” My daughter couldn’t explain what was going on and I couldn’t get any answers from anyone else. And, I ended up apologizing to the mother for not knowing what was happening and for my daughter not being ready to go.

I’m sure this dream has all kinds of meanings and that we could pick it apart and figure out every single symbol. But, when I took some time to meditate on it, the most simple explanation that came to me was this: I have a lot going on right now that I am juggling and I feel overwhelmed by it all. And it’s true, I do. I work a part-time job where I have many responsibilities. I am creating this new website here with a blog, which I’ve never done before. I am taking an online correspondence course to deepen some of my skills for healing. I am in massage school and the new semester starts on Monday. I have two kids, a partner, and a household to keep running. I am trying to build my therapy business. It’s a lot but it’s not the first time that I have had to juggle so much at once so I know it can be done and I know I will get to the other side of it relatively unscathed (and so will my family).

The key to getting on the other side relatively unscathed is to make plenty of time for self-care. Generally speaking, I am pretty good at self-care. I have learned over the last 20 years that I absolutely will not be good at taking care of everyone and everything else if I am depleted. I am an introvert and know I need lots of quiet and alone time to re-charge so I make sure to build this into each day. I also make sure to build in time to participate in the hobbies that I enjoy. Walking at the park, through the woods; listening to a good audiobook; binge-watching a good Netflix show; sitting with my feet in the grass, listening to my favorite music, while my kids play. This last week, however, I have failed on the self-care front because I have been overly busy, hence the crazy dream. I will need to do a better job taking care of myself this weekend in preparation for the new school semester which starts on Monday. I see lots of quiet meditation and communing with Mother Earth on schedule for the next 3 days.

How do you make time for self-care? Do you dream? If so, do you try to interpret them?

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